Advertise With Us & PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC

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Advertise With Us & PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC

Advertise With Us

If Reaching Large Potential Audience or want the Unbelievable or mouth-watering result for your Campaign is what you Seek, Hitting your Target is a Child’s Play when you Advertise on with us.

We’ve got the Experience to Keep you Brands ahead of your Competitors.  With our experience, We know what works & what doesn’t work for different clients.


Types Of Promotion We Offer!

1. Special Start Up; This type of promotion is very special and crucial for all beginners, upcoming and next rated artists. It involves;

  • Sponsoring your song(s) on our website homepage! Our million page viewers get to see and download your song(s).
  • Get 100k-500k fans to download your song.
  • Become Naijafindmp3 Artiste.
  • Your song will be available on Google & Bing etc.

2. Professional Package; This type is used by many top popular artists around the globe, it involves;

  • All the benefits in the Special Start Up above.
  • Promoting your song on 3 to 5 websites.
  • Sending your song to hundreds of popular Digital Stores including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc, for larger audience coverage.
  • Radio Station promotion, your song will be played on radio weekly/monthly.
  • DJ Mix song inclusion and many more!

3. Radio/TV Station Package (Only); This type is used by some top artists to play their songs on air and get more audience to listen to their song(s). This promotion can be weekly, monthly or yearly.

• All these Promotions can be served individually based on your choice.

• We have a team of dedicated experts who will handle your promotion the way it should be handled to get excellent results.

• We help you get the maximum fans you needed after we create banner for you.

Advertise With Us & PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC

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